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  1. Thanks for that @tuanphan, I put that in but it doesnt seem to change the height of my title, anything else I can try? Many thanks again!
  2. Site URL: https://nijifacemasks.com Hi Guys, complete coding newbie but I am trying to align the title of each page to the top of the image carrousel and have so far failed miserably, and have looked everywhere, It's driving me nuts. Any chance anyone can help? Website is https://nijifacemasks.com Huge thanks in advance, Greg
  3. Site URL: https://nijifacemasks.com/ Hi guys, The product page padding on the top and bottom of my product pages are way to big and can't seem to change them. Being new to CSS i copy/pasted a few suggestions I found on the forum but nothing seemed to work. Any chance I can get some help? Huge thanks! Greg
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