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    neeklamy reacted to SteveInReno in Remove time from Events?   
    How can I remove the time from individual events, such as with all-day events? I don't want all events to have times listed, but some should.
    Nothing in the Event module settings, nothing in the event item or options, can't delete the times manually. Nothing via Answers or Google search.
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    neeklamy reacted to CBower in How can I “sell” a digital download for free?   
    It’s disappointing to see that the digital download products in commerce can’t be designated at “free” but rather a price of $0.00. But upon checkout the customer has to put in their credit card information.
    I love the commerce module and as someone who has been on Squarespace since V4, I am thrilled with the ease of use of V6, but the oversight of Squarespace on this feature is crushing.
    It is very common for folks that actually generate income online to give away products to help drive traffic and gain authority. To train those customers to using your cart is important, let alone the ability to gather their contact information and establish a relationship with them.
    Is there any work around to this problem? Of course I could just put up a simple link, but that yields no transactional relationship and yields no real analytics.
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    neeklamy reacted to daniel vimont in How can I edit a live webpage without causing chaos for the page's visitors during my editing session?   
    Pardon me if these very basic questions have been asked and answered many times, but several hours of searching turned up nothing pertinent.
    (1) After "going live" with a webpage, a Squarespace user wants to make some changes to a page, but does not want those changes to "go live" until she has completed a cycle of PROTOTYPING and TESTING the changes (you know, basic SDLC). How does she do this in the Squarespace 6 environment?
    (2) An even more basic rephrasing of the question: While I am spending, say, 30 minutes making updates to an existing, live webpage, it appears that any visitor to that webpage during that time will observe every incremental change (including inadvertent blunders, typos, etc.) that I am making IN REAL TIME. I must be missing something really obvious here, so forgive me! How do I make changes to a currently-live webpage without causing such chaos during my edit sessions?
    Thanks very much!
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