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  1. You are a lifesaver!!! So here's what the issue was for anybody else with the issue: my Facebook page was NOT visible to every country. Once I made it visible to all countries, it worked. Thanks so much again!
  2. Hi Greaterstory, Yes I did, I included these domains as shown in the attached picture. Thanks for the suggestion! Any other ideas?
  3. Hi tuanphan, Thanks for responding! I followed this tutorial: https://www.adlyticmarketing.com/blog/squarespace-add-facebook-messenger-live-chat/ , I also followed yours (which is super great by the way). The problem still persists. The messenger icon pops up JUST for ME. None of my website visitors can see the messenger widget. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Site URL: https://educationacademy.xyz/ Hi Squarespace community, I am completely at a lose with this problem. I followed a couple of tutorials (only to cross-check the steps) on how to install the Facebook messenger plugin widget and for some reason it appears when I go into my website but when other people visit my page, they do not see the widget. I have whitelisted all variations of my website on Facebook: https://educationacademy.xyz/ , https://www.educationacademy.xyz/ , https://educationacademy.squarespace.com/ . Like I said, I am the website owner and Facebook page owner and I c
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