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  1. Great, thanks a lot @derricksrandomviews i've done exactly that - perfect 👍 Thanks for the help Dave
  2. Hi Leopold Thanks for the help! The site is: http://lckdn20.com/ Unfortuantely that code didn't work. I;ve pasted a screenshot below. Can I just ask, wouldn't there need to be a middle line of code between @import and h1, which would be: @font-face{font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif;} ? I tried that out of curiosity, and that didn't work either, screenshot below. Thanks Dave
  3. @tuanphan you're a legend, it worked perfectly! Thank you so much Dave
  4. Site URL: http://lckdn20.com/ Hi there, I have created a gallery, which displays images in a 3x3 format for desktop. That all looks great. However, when viewing in mobile, the images display 2 per row. What I'd like, is one image per row, so that they are a lot larger and ,ore appealing. Please help, thanks Dave
  5. Site URL: http://lckdn20.com/ Hi there, For the project I'm working on, as it's progressed, there have been various articles written by 3rd parties. I'd like to have an "article hub" that can house all those articles, with a click through link directing the user to the 3rd party site (this is to save time as it is expected that more articles will follow). Could somebody please advise as to how they would go about setting this up? (Originally, a blog page was created, but this didn;t work as when the user clicks the article image in the hub, it opens a new page as the article). Please help, many thanks Dave
  6. Site URL: http://lckdn20.com Hi there, Can anyone pls tell me what is wrong with this code when trying to upload a Google font via custom CSS. Thanks Dave
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