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  1. Hello, It's on the top right on the header. So it's on the home link. thanks
  2. I want that the Unete button goes to the form in spanish and the join us button (english side) goes to the form in english. The website password is estamostrabajando. thank you!
  3. This is de Url of my website: https://www.cameraassistmx.com/es/inicio/
  4. Hello, I just added a second language to my website and managed to also change the language of button that is on the header. The problem is that this button links to a form and I can not manage to add different links to the secondary language form. My other problem is that when I click on the logo and I am navigating in my secondary language it takes me back to the home of my primary language. Does anyone know how to solve this? Thank you in advanced!
  5. Hello, I had the same issue and This was very useful for me. The problem is that I can´t manage to get the right link for the button of the secondary language. How do I change that? Thank you very much!
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