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  1. Hello, I have read that multiple times and still can't figure what I am doing wrong. Did you search for Dani Sturgis, hire a copywriter, Freelance copywriter, or any of the page titles on the web site to see if it pops up? It would be nice if someone was available to walk through where I am going wrong on my website Thanks, Dani
  2. You did a great job on the website. I am having the exact same issue on the mobile menu and can't seem to find the menu items to change the theme color for them.
  3. Site URL: https://danisturgisagency.com Hello, I am hoping I can get some help with my newly created website with Squarespace. When I search Bing or Google, for it nothing comes up. When I look at the SEO for the home page I can see the site title defined, but when I search for dani sturgis agency, nothing comes up. Both Bing and Google have verified the site. Can someone help me please?
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