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  1. Yes, I have a business plan. I'm able to use code injection etc.
  2. @rwp I wish it would work for me, but for some reason it doesn't When I'm on a page that's not my homepage index, and I click on any of the nav links that anchor back to my homepage index, the url becomes "/page#section-name" which doesn't exist (page being the page that I'm currently on when I click the nav link). It appears that unless my whole site is one big scrolling index page (which it isn't), using anchor links for navigation doesn't work well without code. But, maybe I'm explaining this wrong. That's why I included the link to the other post because that person seemed more knowledgeable than I am, but was still stuck on how to make what I want to do work.
  3. Site URL: http://www.sublimelashstudio.com I am not a website developer and have very limited knowledge of CSS or anything to do with websites. But, I can generally follow instructions and have managed to add a few custom CSS elements to my website. I'm having an issue that I know only some custom code can fix, but I don't know how to code and I'm hoping someone can help. The current issue I am facing is outlined here in a post someone made in February: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/156546-primary-nav-anchor-link-scrolling-problem/ Short story is that I have an index homepage and I wanted to add anchor links to navigate to the different sections. I managed all of that and was enjoying the scrolling effects until I realized that if I navigate to another page on my site (not the index page) and attempt to click one of the navigation anchor links to bring me back to a section on the homepage, nothing happens. Or, it navigates back to the top of the homepage, but does not scroll down to the appropriate section. In the previous post, the suggestion was to create two separate sets of anchor links, one with /#section-name, and one with /home#section-name and then use custom code to have only one or the other display depending on where you are on the page. I tried this with varying results, but none worked completely. None of my other pages were showing in the navigation at one point, only the anchor links. I'm sure you can tell from my post that I am not super knowledgeable. My website works just fine without the anchor links, but I really love that scrolling effect and want to make it work. Please help.
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