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  1. Site URL: https://www.getwine55.com/ Hi, we just got an online form submission from someone who says they're an illustrator and we're using their images illegally and if we don't remove them in the next couple of day, they're going to sue. They included a link to a google folder that supposedly had the images but the link didn't work. I checked that it was an actual google link before clicking it, but I supposed it could still be some kind of a phishing scam. I tried sending an email to the address provided but that came back as undeliverable. I tried googling the illustrators name and found nothing. To my knowledge, all our images are from stock sites or unsplash. We did use a designer on some flyers, the images for which made its way on to the site so I suppose we could be using the wrong license for posting on the web or the designer may not have licensed them properly, though I doubt it. Does anyone know of a way to sweep our site for any stolen imagery? Is that even possible? I don't even know the right way to ask that question. 🙂 Or do you think that form submission was some kind of scam?
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