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  1. I did as you suggested, leaving the portfolio grid underneath for comparison. I guess all I'd actually need, then, is to make the overlay on my individual image blocks cover the full square like they do in the portfolio block I left below it. In fact, I would be happy for this to apply to all individual image blocks on my site, should I choose the Overlay/Hover option for it. Finally, it would be great to be able to adjust the space between the three images to be smaller, again like the portfolio block. If those things are possible, it would be fabulous. https://goldfish-parsnip-mhd
  2. Also -- this is the site where I used the Ishimoto template to achieve this in 7.0. I thought it might help since you can see how that translates to mobile so well for the same design: www.polichetti.art The other nice thing in that one is you can reduce the opacity on the side images in the reel, so only the center "featured" image is in full color. I guess that is a separate things, but I was hoping to have the same effect on my 7.1 reels.
  3. I saw another post suggesting to use individual image blocks for this, which I understand since they can have clickthrough URL's. But I did really want the overlay/hover function to work the same way as the blocks on the portfolio page. Would there be a way to add this same dark overlay + title/subtitle effect on individual image blocks? This is how I'm hoping to make them look in the end, thought here I've done it with a portfolio page: https://goldfish-parsnip-mhd3.squarespace.com/portfolio password: Ilubimd12 Any suggestions would be very welcome. I hope this is not a reall
  4. Thanks so much for the reply. These are two slideshow page tests: https://goldfish-parsnip-mhd3.squarespace.com/walby-sticks https://goldfish-parsnip-mhd3.squarespace.com/nocolor password: Ilubimd (capitol i, then lowercase L at the beginning) Putting these projects as a drop-down in a test menu, I noticed one other thing. I had added come CSS code to remove the underline in navigation and change it to a highlight color. But I notice that it only really works for the main nav. On the dropdown list, if any of the pages in that folder are selected, all the items in the dropdown
  5. Site URL: https://goldfish-parsnip-mhd3.squarespace.com/config/pages I noticed when I use a Slideshow Reel for a gallery, when I go to mobile, it cuts off the left and right side of the images. In an older site I made, using Ishimoto in 7.0 -- a site which is built around slideshow reels -- when the reel went to mobile showed all the images stacked on top of each other for you to scroll down through. This worked extremely well. Would there be a way in 7.1 to get the Slideshow Reels to do the same on mobile so none of the images get cropped? Thanks for any info.
  6. Site URL: https://goldfish-parsnip-mhd3.squarespace.com/portfolio Hi. Learning how Squarespace in 7.1 works, and was wondering if it might be possible to have a "clickthrough url" option for each "Project" on a "Portfolio Page". So one of my main pages can be a "Portfolio Page" of main categories, which then link to another "Portfolio Page" of the projects in that category. Which I would then link to the individual project page. Any chance that might be possible? I guess it would mean having the ability to turn on or off the "clickthrough url" option for each portfolio item so maybe not...?
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