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  1. hi @rwp! Thanks so much for replying. I just sent you a message with more info. Thank you in advance again for any help. 🙂
  2. Hi there, I'm using the Brine template and have been frustrated because I cannot figure out what's happening when I view my mobile site. When you view the site on a phone and scroll, the site shifts to the right or left and you'll see a background color. So, it doesn't stay static in the center of the screen when scrolling. I think it has something to do with the custom CSS code I added for the footer, but not sure how to fix it. If anyone has ideas or an answer I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks!
  3. Hi @RyanDejaegher I messaged you with some info and really appreciate you trying to help. Thanks so much!
  4. Hi there! I have created some index pages and there is no space at all between the banner images. This is in the Brine template so there are basically 3 images (index pages) stacked. How would I add space in between each of the images/Index Pages? I was told I would need to add custom code but not sure of the exact one to enter in. I've attached a screenshot to show how they are on top of one another without any space and would appreciate any help. 🙂 THANK YOU!
  5. Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help with this. Still can't figure it out. Thanks so much!
  6. On my iphone it's Safari and that's when it gets cutoff unless I turn my phone to landscape view. Then I viewed it on someone else's Google Phone which uses Chrome and it was also cutoff there.
  7. hi @rwp and @tuanphan It looks fine on my laptop but in mobile view it gets cut off. When I chatted with Squarespace support yesterday they saw the same thing and told me it might be due to the font sizing (but even as I adjusted it it didn't help) or that it has to do with the codes. I'm not a pro so I cannot tell what would be affecting it.
  8. Hi @tuanphan My site is not published yet so tell me if this works for you: https://magenta-bamboo-97dn.squarespace.com/config/pages I see it happens on another page as well: https://magenta-bamboo-97dn.squarespace.com/config/pages Only on mobile do those first letter vanish. But all ok when I move the phone to landscape.
  9. Hi! When I view my site in mobile view, the first letter of 2 words are missing on my home page. The letter "A" should be there in the first screenshot attached as well as in the second one. This also happens on another image block where the first letter gets cut off. I just noticed that when I view it in landscape on my phone, everything is perfect. It may have to do with some CSS codes I put in, but cannot figure it out. Would anyone have any advice as to what this might be that's causing it? It looks fine on web and tablet. Thanks!
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