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  1. That would be fantastic! Mockup attached... In the "BlogBanner" image, you can see I created the "blog entry banner". This is what I like to use for ALL blog entries, for a specific blog collection. My thought is to create the "blog entry banner" in one place, on an unlisted page, then just reference its code (using code injection?) for all the blog entries... ...here is a mock up of the idea in action (see the "desired blog entry" section)...
  2. Greetings - Is there a way to create a "blog entry banner" that is set to the content of another page? For example, on this post/video...he shows how to create a Banner Image that would show on/above EACH blog post entry, which is what I want/need... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw70uEWAGQE ...but I need to take it one step further. I'd like my "blog banner" to have buttons/navigation. My thought was to create the "blog entry banner" on a non-linked page (below)... https://plumblinenetwork.squarespace.com/apostellomentorshipentrybanner ...then somehow use
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