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  1. Site URL: https://zackstamfordphotography.com/gallery I have two portfolio launch page on my website. I would like them to be customized separately, but it seems like whatever settings I put on one, is automatically placed on the other. Is there a solution to this? Or is there CSS code that can override the automatic changes? Links to the pages in question: https://zackstamfordphotography.com/gallery (This launch page is configured wrong, its taking on the settings of my other launch page) https://zackstamfordphotography.com/prints (This launch page is configured correctly)
  2. Thanks for your response! The "Prints" launch page would have the default settings. I guess, the "Gallery" launch page could have the CSS. But I have no idea what the CSS to do that would be. Do you know?
  3. Site URL: https://zackstamfordphotography.com Hello! I have two portfolio launch pages on my website. I would like the "Gallery" launch page to display the images with a 3:2 Standard Aspect Ratio, 3 columns, and 6px horizontal and vertical spacing. And I would like the "Prints" launch page to display the images with a 2:3 Standard (Vertical) Aspect Ratio, 4 columns, and 16px horizontal and vertical spacing. But it seems like both portfolio launch pages take on the same layout settings - change one, and the other changes automatically to those settings. Is there a way to work around this? URLs for the portfolio launch pages. https://zackstamfordphotography.com/gallery https://zackstamfordphotography.com/prints Thank You! Zack
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