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  1. Found a workaround. Added a blank page and used the summary block to pull in events, put them in list view so it was laid out like a schedule and then in the settings of the summary block made it so that it only pulled in tagged events.
  2. Found a workaround. Create a blank page (events page) add a Summary block. Pull in from events collection and go to the settings of the summary block and only pull in events with the tag you want. Calendar view will still show all events that are in the events collection.
  3. Is it possible for us to make events on an events page (in schedule format) private so they don't appear on an events page. But they do appear on the calendar view? Because we have a strict schedule of events that we want to be able to link people to but we also have more social events that we don't want included on the same page but we do want them on a calendar block.
  4. We have a public events collection and a password protected events collection. Both are setup in schedule view. We want to collate both event collections on one calendar (in public view) in order to entice people to become members. Is this possible? Or do we have to set up the password-protected events as individual blogs and do it that way?
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