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  1. Unfortunately that didn't work (have it set to "Do not display caption"), but I reached out to you by email, Tuan so hopefully we'll be able to track down the problem and that way I can say thanks by donating to the site.
  2. Site URL: https://semicircle-onion-edbg.squarespace.com/ Site pswd: newsite In the "Making the change is easy" section, is there a way to program it so that on the mobile device view the number 2 image shows up before the second paragraph? On the mobile view it merges it all together out of order and I didn't know if there is a way to change that default order that it converts to for the mobile view?
  3. Site URL: https://semicircle-onion-edbg.squarespace.com/ Site pswd: newsite It seems every image block on my new 7.1 squarespace website is adding some extra padding just underneath the image in image blocks. Is there a way with CSS I can decrease that to match the padding on the other sides of the images? (screenshot photo attached as an example - so you can see slightly more space at the bottom compared to the top and sides.)
  4. Thank you, tuanphan! That worked perfectly. Do you know how I could make the font color change on the button to either Gold rgb - 166, 121, 069, hex - #A67945, or Teal rgb - 036, 081, 082, hex - #245152? I tried: header#header [href*="calendly.com"] { background: white; color: #245152; } But it didn't change it.
  5. Site URL: https://seagroverehab.com We are using the Pacific template; I am having difficulty using CSS code I found in other threads to make the "Schedule a Discovery Call" in our top nav be a CTA button. Anyone know if it can be done and how? We don't have a secondary nav option that I've seen in some tutorials. If a button isn't possible, it is possible to have "Schedule a Discovery Call" in a different font color than the others using Code? (It isn't possible in Site Styles.) Thanks!
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