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  1. I figured out how to almost do this. I used the code below and was able to remove the product price, 'buy now' and shopping cart. Then what I think I'll do is add in my buttons in the 'Additional Info' section that link out to 3rd party affiliate sites. /*Hide Add to Cart On Product Pages*/ .sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper { display: none !important; } /*Hide Quantity On Product Pages*/ .product-quantity-input { display: none !important; } /*Hide Product Item Price*/ .ProductItem-product-price { display: none !important; } @onewildflower let me know if this works for you or you have questions I will try to help!
  2. Hello all, I've read through a few posts on this topic but haven't found one that shares the code or process for what I am trying to do. I am building a store and want to add a couple of different affiliate links to a 'BUY NOW' button for a product. I attached a screenshot of what I want to do (that screenshot is not my website!) You will see how they have different affiliate links to different e-retailers. It pops up when you click the 'Shop Now' button. I don't have to have it pop-up though - would adding in buttons for each affiliate store in the 'Additional Info' section under my product work? I think I can do that easily enough. BUT if there was a way to change the 'Add to Cart' button to 'Buy Now' and also remove the shopping cart on my site, I would be grateful if anyone could share the steps to do this. Thank you!
  3. Hey @Arianababy I'm so sorry I didn't see this till now! So for the 'Hello world' text you can actually just go ahead and delete it. You don't need it. All I did was remove the 's' from any 'https' in the code from Convertkit once I'd pasted it into the code block in Squarespace. You do have to refresh and save everything. Sometimes it takes a minute or two to work. But I am able to successfully see my forms on different pages on different sites. I even tried it with the free Convertkit account and it worked. One thing to note is don't worry if you can still see 'Script Disabled' when you're in edit mode. It goes away when your site is live. I'm not sure if you managed to resolve this but if you are still having trouble, let me know!
  4. Hi Katee! Thanks so much for your replies! After a couple of days, my own troubleshooting, and a bit of help from Convertkit, I managed to embed the HTML version on my 7.1 site without having to use Zapier. I'll detail all the steps below: The first thing I did was in Convertkit, I went to the 'Embed' button and I copied the 'HTML' code. I didn't end up using the Javascript code. Then, I went to my Squarespace 7.1 site and added a 'code block'. By default it's on HTML. I left the 'Hello World' stuff there just as a placeholder, and pasted in the embed code. It's pretty long. Then I hit 'Apply'. That made the form appear, but the words 'Script Disabled' were still above it. What I did next was I used Ctrl F to find all the instances of 'https' in my form code. You have to remove the 's'. I'm not sure why that fixes it, but it does. So I found 3 cases of it in the form I used and changed all of the 'https' to 'http' in the code block. Then I hit 'Apply' > 'Save' on the site, and reloaded it. And it works fine now. I also tested it and it ended up sending my emails perfectly. I have only tested it with one address so time will tell if it continues to work but I'll post here again if I have issues. The only reason I can think of the javascript code not working is because there's something weird about Ajax in 7.1 sites. I'm reluctant to use 7.0 because I feel over time Squarespace will create more and more things in 7.1. You can definitely still use Zapier but I'm ok using the HTML code. With Zapier you only get 5 zaps to start I think and there is a 15 min delay with each sign up on the lowest plan. It can get very expensive when you are just starting out as a business owner (like me!) so I am trying to keep things low! Let me know if you have any questions, always happy to help if I can!
  5. Site URL: https://www.thewritinghive.co/ Hello - I'm having trouble embedding an inline Convertkit form onto my Squarespace 7.1 site. I have a Business plan and I copied and pasted the Javascript code into a code block. But all it's showing is the actual line of code and not the form. I've tried this on a number of pages and nothing seems to work. I checked the src url and it's broken too but I don't know how to fix that. Does anyone know if that's where the issue is coming from? Convertkit support is quite slow and I don't know who else to ask. I'd appreciate any suggestions as I don't want to use the Zapier integration. Screenshot attached of what I see - and you can see the code at www.thewritinghive.co on the home page if you scroll past the first block of text, it's embedded there. Thanks in advance anyone for your advice!
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