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  1. Figured it out, finally! For anyone else trying to do the same, insert the following in the advanced header code of the individual blog page, not the site-wide Custom CSS <style> .date { display: none; } </style>
  2. I went ahead and made the new homepage live, so you can see - there are three blog posts currently listed within the summary list. I want to remove the "July 3, 2020" date but not remove the dates from the individual posts. Same for https://mwilliams.photo/my-gear-list which is only a blog page because I can't have the sidebar without it being that. Thanks for any help, I've read a number of other similar/exactly the same questions on past posts and tried doing Custom CSS as well as inserting code into the Header CSS of each specific page - all I've been able to do is remove the dates from everything via the Custom CSS.
  3. Site URL: https://mwilliams.photo Hi, I'd like to remove the date from specific blog pages, but not all blog posts - I've been able to do the latter, but that's not what I want. Specifically, I am changing my homepage to a summary list, which then has a date on it. I want to remove the date from the main summary list post, but not all the posts. I also want to remove it from https://mwilliams.photo/my-gear-list. Basically, trying to figure out how to target specific blog pages and not just a global on/off code. Thank you, Matt
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