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    Originative reacted to jazzicuh in One password, access to multiple pages   
    I'm pretty sure there's currently no solution to this but I and others I'm sure would really appreciate a solution.
    I have multiple pages on my website which must be password protected so they are only viewable by those who should be privy to the information. However, when one enters the password for one of these pages I would like them to get access to ALL password-protected areas of my site so they don't have to repeatedly enter the password over and over. It is not possible for me to combine these pages into one, they must remain separate so that I can direct link to them should anyone need a specific portion of my site.
    If anyone has a potential workaround I would really appreciate it. I'm sure my clients find it tedious to repeatedly enter the same password.
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    Originative reacted to rwp in FORTE Template - Change Gallery Navigation Square   
    Please link your page so we can help.
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