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  1. I am having the same issue as Pepin and Dave. Two shared posts from our Web site earlier in the week (on Monday and Wednesday) posted to Facebook as expected: with the link and the article image. The third link I shared to Facebook (on Friday) shows the link, but the image is the dreaded black box. I used the Facebook debugger tool and the image showed up there as expected yesterday; today, I see the "missing image" icon. I do get this warning in the debugger: The following required properties are missing: fb:app_id. This same error showed up yesterday when I could see the expected image
  2. @srodrigues, I have the same question about the image and text that comes up. When I share my Web site link, the image is for one blog post (which I don't want to share; I want the main image for the Web site), the title is for a different blog post, and the excerpt is the description of the site. Nothing matches up! The "How content displays in social posts" isn't resolving my issue. Any more advice you can offer? Please, please, please!
  3. @PolSpeech, Thank you, thank you for sharing this insight!
  4. Hello, anna19. When you hover over the text block you will see a bulbous black arrow with a black line; click that. You will then see a pop-up for Content Blocks; in the Basic section, click Image. (See attached images)
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