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  1. Has anyone figured out the answer? i had css design as i have been editing my site... i had a sitemap 3 days ago and its now disappeared and my css was there from the beginning... also once we get our site map ...is there a way for us to add it to our site so ppl can see all the clickable links / pages or do we have to do it manually
  2. my site is still private because im still editing it but here are the screenshots below but you can see that in my actual product page the pack of 4 detail is in bold but when you view the item in quick view the pack of 4 blends with the description and is no longer separated... is there a way to customize this so it is at least bold and separate from the product body text
  3. Hello I'm trying to see if i could add my products category titles to my shop breadcrumbs.... is there a way to do this ? right now it just says shop>product i would like it to be shop> category> product
  4. Is there a way to have my quick view for my products have the same font styles as the full product view? i have a bold font within my product information and it doesn't reflect that in quick view... is there a way to customize that ? im using brine template in 7.1 the pink is what it looks like in the product page and the black is the quick view... can i make that bold at least if i can't change the color?
  5. Site URL: https://plantain-daffodil-wpe5.squarespace.com/config/ Hello I'm trying to see if i could add breadcrumbs or navagation to my blog posts or if its easier to add a code that automatically breadcrumbs my entire site so i dont have to do it maunally my current navagations are shop, our story and grandma's recipes
  6. Site URL: https://plantain-daffodil-wpe5.squarespace.com/config/ Hello im wondering if anyone has figured out or knows the code to add breadcrumb navigation to an entire website.. i've spend many hours googling but haven't had any luck ... thank you in advance for the help
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