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  1. Never mind! Thank you! I figured it out for the others. Do you have Venmo? please share your username if so
  2. Hello! Thank you so much! It works on my home page, but it's not having a similar effect on the other pages. Do you know why? Are you able to help?
  3. Hello folks: I want to create a full-screen block that has a large inset image (headline or image block) and that allows both a caption and accommodates text box overlays. As far as I can tell, Squarespace does not support a block like this, and it's driving me absolutely nuts. Up till now, I've had to choose between using (1) a headline block that accommodates text block overlays but does not support captions and (2) an image block that does not accommodate text block overlays but supports captions. I've defaulted to option 1, but it looks terrible. There is way too much space between the ph
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