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  1. Your advice worked without a hiccup. I am exulting in a moment of personal mastery. Kale—I owe you one.
  2. Thanks, Kale. I'm interested in your solution (as well as in your original question that went unposted), because maybe the terms can be entered in reverse, for an elegant solution? Though I don't think that the present navigation can be simply called "backwards"—since both terms can refer to either posts or pages, they are doomed to be ambiguous. (In Wells "previous" and "next", are basically referring to pages, not posts; "older" posts are on the "next" page; "newer" ones on a "previous" one. Many blogs do this and it's as messy as when "next" and "previous" are used the other way around.)
  3. Anyone? It's my first time posting here, and I'm pretty sure this is a valid question. I tried using a ticket, but Squarespace said it's beyond the scope of what they help with. I appreciate any assistance.
  4. I'm using the Wells template and I seem to be stuck with "Prev / Next," both at the bottom of a blog page with multiple posts and at the bottom of any single blog post. I want to change this to "Newer / Older" because only those terms are unambiguous in the context of a page employing reverse chronology, like a blog. While the use of "previous / next" (and the similar "back / forward") is common on the web, it is unclear whether the terms are meant to apply to recency of posting or sequence of posts, and different users interpret this differently. I'd like to stay away from this kind of poor
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