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  1. It's not confined to a specific template. We had this issue in our old template, and as a result were convinced by Squarespace support staff to upgrade and completely rebuild our site in 7.1, where we are suffering more instances of the exact same issue. We suffered massive content loss, both in the form of missing images and spontaneous overwriting of existing content to a whopping 6 blog posts last night alone.
  2. We've been dealing with this issue since March. Successfully published posts are being overwritten weeks later with other random content. Old drafts that have been deleted have self-published twice now. Images on published posts have disappeared with a "Item cannot be located" error message.
  3. This is a serious and widespread issue that we have been dealing with on our site since March. Blog posts keep becoming scrambled, images are disappearing, and old deleted drafts are self publishing. We've opened multiple support tickets to no avail.
  4. Yes, we have been suffering widespread image loss and content loss on the blog section of our Squarespace site. We've opened multiple tickets, to no avail.
  5. We've been suffering spontaneous image and blog content loss both in image blocks and text blocks since March. Squarespace claims to be aware of the issue, but it just keeps happening.
  6. We've been experiencing spontaneous deletion of images since March. Squarespace claims to be aware of this and that it's a widespread issue. We just discovered that images from blog posts going back three months have suddenly disappeared.
  7. Site URL: https://www.gritandgracestudio.com/ We've been experiencing spontaneous deletion of images from published blog posts for several months now. The posts will go live and look perfect, only to, at some point, have the images vanish. When the files disappear, the accompanying captions and text goes with them on the front end, though this remains when the post is opened on the back end in the edit module. When you click on the image portion of the block, you receive an "Item cannot be located" message. Has anyone else been experiencing this? Does anyone have a preventative fix?
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