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  1. Hello :) I want reduce the space between the side bar and main body blog content. https://www.tamsinlouisephotography.com/usa/2020/5/18/mammothlakes - scrolling to the bottom of the blog post you will see that the comments box is chopped off. It also looks like the white space or the far left and far right are uneven. Can this be fixed? Many thanks! T
  2. Site URL: https://www.tamsinlouisephotography.com/journal Hi, I've added a sidebar to left of my blog in Flatiron template. There was a lot of negative space here so I thought it would look quite nice. However, since doing this, rather than allowing the sidebar to fill this space, the padding has remained the same size and everything has just shifted over a little to the right. This looks fine but when I add the comments box, the box gets cut off, as well as my writing for the blog. Is there an option to reduce the space in-between the sidebar and the to left of my blog content?
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