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  1. While attempting verify a sender profile for a Marketing Email campaign using my linked G Suite account I ran into a brick wall labeled "Please merge your SPF records". 1st - I followed the instruction in this document and created the 3 "Custom resource records" https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001280748-Verifying-third-party-domains-for-Email-Campaigns#toc-troubleshooting-spf-records Then the sender profile successfully validated on 2 of 3 items, the issue being the "Please merge your SPF records" - See image #1 2nd - I tried to edit the Google Synthet
  2. Site URL: https://squarespace.com NOTE - I removed the site URL above because this forum entry was showing up in google search results for my website ... UGH! I'm struggling to get my site to show up in Bing search. Google is very happy, but no luck with Bing. I have submitted a sitemap but bing claims to have 400-499 errors on two of my pages. Of course, they render fine and again Google is quite happy with them. Any ideas?
  3. Hi: I don't like having the changes I make to the website immediately visible. I would like to be able to have a non-production version(s) of my site where I can make changes and test them out extensively before publishing them. My domain is in my google account. Could I duplicate my site and make the updates to that. Then when I'm done, disconnect the current production site (call it Version A) and then connect the duplicate version I just edited (Call it Version B) and then that becomes the live site? Or Is there a better way.
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