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  1. Site URL: http://www.rupertlaycock.com/ I have added new page layout .regions to my template and I have updated the template.conf (json linter validated) yet the Squarespace UI isn't showing the new regions/layouts in the Page Layout Menu. I added the homepage and about layouts years ago and they're visible. However, the new store and gallery regions won't show. I also tested changing the name of my Home Nav tite to see if that would change in the Squarespace UI and it didnt... Many thanks, Rupert { "name": "RLP", "author": "Squarespace", "layouts": { "default": { "name": "Default", "regions": ["normal"] }, "store": { "name": "store", "regions": ["store"] }, "gallery": { "name": "gallery", "regions": ["gallery"] }, "about": { "name": "about", "regions": ["about"] }, "homepage": { "name": "homepage", "regions": ["homepage"] } }, "navigations": [{ "title": "Main Navigation", "name": "mainNav" }, { "title": "Home Nav", "name": "homeNav" }, { "title": "Clients List", "name": "aboutNav" }], "stylesheets": [ "tweak.less", "global.less", "mobile.less" ], "systemCollections": ["events", "products", "album"], "systemPartials": ["sqs-social-links"] }
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