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  1. Site URL: https://www.timtadder.com/blog/black-is-a-color Really need to find a way to change the Blog on this site to match the overall design of the site. Really hate the way I can not have the photo lead and be full frame, and that the title is on top. Looking to have the blog more closely resemble the overall site. Can anyone help me change or fix the blog styling here?
  2. Thank you everyone for the great supportive feedback!
  3. yes and no sorry for the delayed response, just seeing this. Its still ranking pretty slow, with lots of suggestions about script usage...
  4. Sent you a comment on loom, but yes you are correct, thanks so much for pointing this out. Best TT
  5. Site URL: https://www.timtadder.com/ Thank you for taking a minute to help me with my new website. I am a commercial advertising photographer and just moved my website to the squarespace platform to improve the sotry telling and SEO squarespace adds with its setup. I am experiencing analytic disasters compared to my previous site which is exactly what I did not want to happen. My bounce rates are off the chats and the speed ot the site is horrible. There is not much difference from my previous site as far as the amount of images and videos being served so I am curious to get user feedb
  6. Site URL: https://www.timtadder.com/ I really need help getting this site to where it needs to be. There arre huge issues with my mobile performance causing an almost 100% bounce rates from non iphones and all tablets have a huge bounce rate. the site loading times and performance is really poor as well and I am wondering if the Custom CSS added is causing issues. I've done all the optimization on my end that I can do like sizing the images and content, and following all the best practices there but I am wondering if anyone can see or pick up whats going on? Thank you so so
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