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  1. Understood, and makes sense. I have been seeing connectivity error messages when working on the site today.
  2. Something is definitely wonky here. Just saw this message after spending several hours developing a site (screenshot attached).
  3. Additionally, we seem to be seeing another problem as well. Sometimes when trying to log in to Squarespace the loading animation hangs and we get a message - "there was an error with your login please try again". If login is successful Squarespace is extremely slow to load anything and is barely usable. This has happened three times so far and while it is happening I have checked other websites to make sure it isn't my Internet connection. The issue seems to resolve if I wait a while and try again later, but it has already impeded the workflow somewhat. Any idea what that could be? Maybe it is related to the first problem?
  4. It is a 7.1 site and the problem has been intermittent - the logo/title seem fine for a day or so, then disappear and have to be re-added. As I said, it has happened about four times and we'd like to have some clarity about it - client is concerned.
  5. It is a 7.1 site - we've just been setting it up over the last week. I'd estimate the logo/site title has disappeared approximately four times so far. I added them back yesterday and so far they are still there.
  6. Site URL: https://begonia-gopher-mnaj.squarespace.com/ During initial development of our site we have seen several instances of Squarespace seeming to loose our site title and logo graphic. After adding both the site title and our logo graphic in the "EDIT SITE HEADER" interface everything is fine until sometime later when we notice both the site title we added and the logo graphic are missing. In their place we just see the "Untitled" text. We are currently still in the trial period and are evaluating Squarespace. This experience is generating some concern! It this sort of behavior typical for Squarespace? And is there a remedy for this problem?
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