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  1. I have the same question regarding "Reduce Expires Headers." The only way I see to add expires headers is to modify the .htaccess file which we do not have access to. This is a very simple website and the lowest grade by far is the Expires Header (according to tools.pingdom.com). My site earned a D, 67% for the "Expires Headers," otherwise an A.
  2. Site URL: https://tetra-ladybug-7fad.squarespace.com Hello, and thanks for any help. I want to override the CSS for logo size on mobile. I can usually use the CSS tool to overwrite but somehow it doesn't let me when it's specific to the logo image (for mobile). When I edit the CSS in Chrome developer tools, it works fine (max-height 80px instead of 30px). But when I apply that CSS to the squarespace CSS tool, it doesn't work. And it highlights "img" in red as if it doesn't like that. Any help is appreciated!
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