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  1. DNS Flush instructions for Mac OS: https://apple.stackexchange.com/a/386665/100081
  2. With developer mode activated, my squarespace site does not render my site with new updates. https://xxxxx.squarespace.com/config/settings/advanced/developer >> Git History verifies that commit has registory in the remote template.git repository Both the FTP and Git repository correctly show the updated version of the file. While, view source code on my production URL (https://www.mydomain.com/1234) shows the prior version of the file, the squarespace version of the URL (https://xxxxx.squarespace.com/1234) shows the updated file. I suspect that this is due to some broken cache mechanism on the squarespace servers. Any suggestions?
  3. This is a serious issue. Per the admin's link above, you will get more accurate results by running Chrome Dev Tools locally... it's STILL an issue. Here are instructions for creating a similar report through your Chrome browser: https://developers.google.com/web/tools/lighthouse#devtools I'm wondering if anyone has created a template that eliminates the biggest offending scripts from SquareSpace? I would pay for this! Here's a list of the slowest scripts per my report [TIME DELAY]: use.typekit.net.../ik/vK8u1-ck4….js [2,220 ms] assets.squarespace.com…scripts-compressed/common-fc3e2ea…-min.en-US.js [3,870 ms] assets.squarespace.com…scripts-compressed/commerce-74f3967…-min.en-US.js [2,550 ms] static1.squarespace.com…159…/site.css?&filterFeatures=false [1,880 ms] Total delay from these render-blocking resources = 10.52 seconds
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