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  1. Using the Tremont template, I wanted to change the font in a header text block on only one page. I used the following code injection for the page site: <style> h1 { font-family: cinzel decorative !important; color: orange !important; font-size: 30px !important; } </style> The color and font size worked just fine, but the font itself will not change to Cinzel Decorative. I know this font exists in the template, because I saw it in the Design, Site Styles section. Other fonts do seem to work. For example, if instead of cinzel decorative, I use another font type, it will work. Cinzel, and other fonts, don't seem to work. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks for the post. I still have the same issue though. It works perfectly, but if you set an to open in a new browser window or tab (as opposed to a lightbox, for example), then someone can one again right click on the image in that new window/tab. They cannot do so on the original index or image page or gallery page, but they can if it opens in a new window. I don't want to exclude it. I want to include that new window/tab as an area where it disables right clicks. I might just have to make the clickthrough link to a new image page instead of just to a .jpg file. On a brand new page, I can enter CSS code injections, but I don't know how to do that when the clickthrough is set to open a .jpg file.
  3. Hi Tuan, I used the following as a Code Injection in Tremont, so I guess it goes to the header of each page: <script language=JavaScript> var message="Function Disabled!"; function clickeIE4(){ if (event.button==2){ alert(message); return false; } } function clickNS4(e){ if (document.layers||document.getElementById&&!document.all){ if (e.which==2||e.which==3){ alert(message); return false; } } } if (document.layers){ document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN); document.onmousedown=clickNS4; } else if (document.all&&!document.getElementById){ document.onmousedown=clickIE4; } document.oncontextmenu=new Function("alert(message);return false") </script> It works perfectly, except for an image that is set to open in a new browser tab. There is a workaround, where instead of opening a jpg image in a new tab on clickthrough, I could link the image to open to a new page, then create a new page myself and put the disable right click code on that page specifically. That will be time-consuming though and I thought maybe there is a quicker mechanism. I don't know how to code, though, these are things I've picked up from Google (or your website, which is helpful).
  4. I used code injection to disable right clicks on my photos on my site. It works on images on the pages, and even on lightboxes of images. However, I have some gallery pages where clicking on the photo will open it in a new window for the viewer (using clickthrough URL to a jpg file). But that new window allows the image to be right clicked and saved by viewers, which I am trying to avoid. Does anyone know where/how to inject the code on these new windows?
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