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  1. I don't have these options. I just have a "manage projects" button. I do have the panel, but each URL slug for the home photo are "home/work" depending on the category and I don't understand how to send that photo to another project (my work portfolio) rather than a blank page.
  2. I realize now you were giving me advice based on a home page made up of a grid of pictures. That's not what mine is. Mine consists of a portfolio so I do not have the option you were talking about when it comes to clicking on those individual pictures or editing those individual pictures. I was trying to link the portfolio "work" image (which, when clicking on it brings you to a blank page) bring users to my work portfolio (basically linking a portfolio to another portfolio). Wasn't sure if that was possible... However, I understand what you were talking about if my home page consisted of just
  3. Right, but how do I keep the image in my home navigation grid then? I still want a hover image in my home navigation grid that says "work" and takes you to my "work" portfolio.
  4. Hey Tuanphan! I have for all the pages, but I'm still trying to figure out if there's a way I can link my Work portfolio to my Home section. I want users to be able to click on the Home "Work" portfolio section (when they hover over it) and have it bring them to the Work Portfolio I created. Is this possible? I hope that question made sense. Wondering if there's a CSS code I need. Thanks in advance.
  5. Site URL: https://www.tidiedaf.com Hello! I am new to SquareSpace and struggling to figure out how to link my Home Navigation to the Main Navigation bar I have at the top of my site. I am using the portfolio style template Novo. I am hoping to be able to link the images that I have on my home page to the pages I already have set up that show up as my Main Navigation bar. So on my home page, when users hover over each image and it has "About," when they click I want it to send them to my "About" page. I already wrote the content for my pages and would love to find a way to either just copy th
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