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  1. Page experience has now turned up in Google Search Console and our SQSP site now has this to contend with: Your site has no URLs with a good page experience This appears to be a combination of LCP and CLS issues although I am testing whether the announcement bar is causing the CLS issues.
  2. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/9205520?hl=en
  3. I have the same CLS issue in Google Search Console for 46 URLs. It does not appear to be something I can change so over to Squarespace. It does appear to be starting to impact search results so I am concerned Squarespace sites are going to be marked down in SERP.
  4. Ok apparently not a significant issue: https://www.pixelyoursite.com/missing-completeregistration-currency-and-value-parameters
  5. Looks like I have joined the club - anyone at Squarespace able to help? Missing CompleteRegistration currency and value parameters
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