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  1. Apologies for the delay in responding. Yes, that is indeed what I meant--the same size as when uploaded.
  2. Hopefully, by now you have solved the re-sizing issue using the code provided above. If not, what worked for me in the end was changing the layout of the text associated with each image. I have no idea why this made a difference, but as of now the problem seems to have resolved itself--all of the vertical images posted are the same size and all of the squares posted are the same size.
  3. I use my blog ( http://janeyudelman.com/news/ ) for positing "news" (say, a new exhibit). Each post is accompanied by an image (always prepared to the same dimensions) and then left justified with the text about the exhibit to the right of this. In order to fit the text beside the image, I need to re-size the image. Does anyone know how to ensure that all of the images on blog page are the same size? (Right now, with each posting my images turn out to be different sizes and the page looks very unprofessional.) Thanks.
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