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  1. I'm looking for the exact same thing on my Marquee website (www.nomadistmoon.com) Please indeed share your fix man 🙂 !
  2. Damn, I tried again but actually Brine doesnt fit at all with the look I'm trying to have so I guess I'll have to stay with that older theme and accept its drawbacks...
  3. Hi Derrick, thank you for taking the time to reply me and for your much appreciated compliment coming from a fellow photographer 🙂 ! I didn't know it was a discontinued theme, thanks for pointing it out, I will maybe try my luck with Brine then to see if I can make it work better . No no, it was indeed the same categories but I was just putting myself in the foot of a visitor you know, if you land on the main blog with everything mixed, it would be nice to see directly on the main page that you can filter with these cats (instead of hovering back your mouse on the top folding menu yo
  4. Site URL: http://www.nomadistmoon.com Hello, Basically my blog posts revolve around 5 main themes (wedding, couples, food, travel and real estate). I already added the choice to view the posts of only one category in the main menu but I would also like to add that choice while on the Blog page (in its header or main page) but unfortunately, that theme doesnt let you edit anything in the blog page. Any idea or code that could help ? thanks a lot !
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