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  1. Ok, so i finally worked it out. Had to add links in the header nav menu to the portfolio pages. Now I need code to remove them from the desktop view OR have them as a hamburger menu on the desktop so they are hidden (if possible?) Thanks for persevering
  2. Thanks, I think i wasnt being clear, and now realise it is the template. My menu is the portfolio that I have on the homepage. They are not set as the navigation. So I think this is the issue. I cannot add them to navigation as they only exist as a portfolio and cant link them (as per the Hidano template) Think i shot myself in the foot using this template.
  3. site is now public, have couldn't seem to find any settings to change the hamburger menu in 7.1, very frustrating. appreciate your help just want to have the main navigation from home page in the mobile view hamburger menu only. not on desktop Thanks again in advance
  4. site no longer private, if i can add to main nav, I cant see where that is....7.1 has thrown me a little, so much changed
  5. I am using the Hidano 7.1 template. Happy with how the function works on desktop view....but... I have the main nav menu items on the home page in mobile view: and when you select a menu item and navigate to following page, the menu nav is only at bottom of page in footer, and doesn't appear in hamburger menu: Is there a way of adding the same menu items (film / tv / News / Team into the Hamburger menu, so can navigate with it in mobile view? or is this something with the template that cant be changed? Thanks again!
  6. Site URL: https://chipmunk-piano-52xz.squarespace.com/ https://chipmunk-piano-52xz.squarespace.com/ pass: loadofbollocks I probably will get the answer i don't want which is that I'm using the wrong template, but was wondering if there was code to be able to add the main nav items FILM/TV/NEWS/TEAM to the Hamburger menu when in mobile view? Once you go to the relevant pages, the hamburger menu is only way to jump to another unless you navigate all the way to the bottom of the page.... Many Thanks in advance from a coding newbie! (so be nice)
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