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  1. Site URL: https://www.kindman.co/contact hello, we are having issues with our embedded calendly code on our contact page not loading on the first attempt. When you refresh the page it shows up, but it doesn't appear when you initially go to the page. This is the primary way that clients get to us so it's a big issue! I asked SS for help and they don't do it because it's a third-party and directed me here. Please help!
  2. thank you so much! this worked very well. As for the header menu drop-down, I don't think it's a mega menu. Like Under "About" we already have a drop down, but i'd love to be able to put the therapists that are listed at the bottom under Our Team so that when you move over that it lists them all. Is that possible?
  3. First, Last (1st line) Pronouns, Email (2nd line) Or First, Last, Pronouns (1st line) Email (2nd line) How do I format for this? Also is there a way to make dropdown fonts the same fonts as the rest of the form headers? Thanks!
  4. Site URL: https://www.kindman.co Hi! Two coding questions: 1. I'd like to be able to format my forms so that the text blocks are inline with at least two text blocks on each line. ( I don't need pronouns or email to be longer than "first and "last name" in both. Both of the forms i'm thinking of are here: https://www.kindman.co/hsp-empowerment-group (bottom of page) https://www.kindman.co/contact I've tried some of the things i've seen for others forms, but they don't seem to work for mine. 2. We'd love to have a double drop-down in our site navigation under
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