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  1. Thanks Glyn - ok will have to look into SEO depths further and keywording!! Much Appreciated. G
  2. Ed - Thank you for you help.. yes I did the search console sitemap back in November, again in December and in Jan... and its finding my homepage fine - The problem is for example - a page in my website: https://www.gileschristopher.co.uk/food-photographer-london doesn't even show up when I enter into google search... and not sure why? this site has been live since October and surely should be found by now... it says its been indexed and I have done SEO titles etc.. but it just not being found! I need each page to rank on their own as rely on them for individual niches. on old SS7.0 I had no problems with this - do I need to inject code??? Thank you for helping me. Giles C
  3. Site URL: https://www.gileschristopher.co.uk Hi there - Hope someones experience can help!! I have set up my website in SS7.1 - and happy with design and front page SEO... BUT I have pages/sections in my site and blog I wish google/search to find - but none of them are being found in their niche at all... pages discoverability is on - but any search just directs straight to main Homepage - so just trying to niche certain pages... Can this be done - didn't seem to be a problem on SS7 - not sure its a new change in latest version or a newish google algorithm change.. Hope someone can help me? thanks
  4. Site URL: https://www.gileschristopher.co.uk/Cart My SEO analyser is saying i have /cart page using same title tags and description as my homepage.. BUT i don't have any such page in my Squarespace Listing (pages) - need to delete this /Cart page to help with my SEO.. im on Squarespace 7.1
  5. Site URL: https://www.gileschristopher.co.uk Hi Guys - 2 months ago My website on Squarespce with a name www.mediawisdom.co.uk and had 2000+ backlinks and a high domain authority. I changed my domain to www.gileschristopher.co.uk and all my backlinks have vanished and domain authority drooped drastically. 2 months ago I set up 301 redirects and contacted the top linking companies directly and they have updated links to me.. Doing this i know i have at least 20 links.. BUT inspection site say i have zero!!! should i wait longer or start to change code/words or other things? I would be grateful for any input! Thank you
  6. no Plugins activated... or associated with squarespace account.. Thank you for reply.
  7. Site URL: https://www.mediawisdom.co.uk/food-photographer-london Hi There. When I do a search for my website on google(food photographers London). I find myself on page 6 - used to be appearing on page 2-3 and had a full description of my services and that helped with SEO - Now my meta description is just a combination of filenames . jpg .png - why is this so - can anyone help image attached.
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