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  1. Hi Tuan, how should I modify this code to display the icon in my store page using a code block? Thank you
  2. @tuanphan Thank you for your answer it worked like charm. Let me be more specific. I am building a music label website and the subpages are the artists so I want to display different social blocks on each page. I have connected them all in Social Links and with your code I decide what to display each time. Can I have multiple chlids inside the brackets? I have many social accounts and I want to avoid using so much code. Or is there any more clever way to do it? Thank you
  3. @tuanphan Hello, how could I modify this code body#collection-5d80b6e6c70a192412ac1abb nav.sqs-svg-icon--list a:last-child { display: none; } to do the opposite thing? Like displaying ONLY the last or nth-icon? Thank you
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