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  1. Site URL: https://salmonsamurai.com I've tried to provide my customers with the ability to customize their orders as much as possible, but it'd be great if they could directly customize their orders on the product page itself. With Squarespace's default variant features, it's impossible as this creates 100s of variant combinations which just crashes the page entirely. Is there a code to provide multiple product variations with its respective pricing attached? E.g. Product X + Variant A + Variant B = $5 Product X + Variant B + Variant C = $7
  2. Hi Paul! Thanks for helping. I did add more options but that will unfortunately create way too many variants that the system can't handle. My team and I are still thinking of ways we can still allow our customers to fully customize their orders to provide the somewhat full experience that they would get in store. Sure, I would love your help with the coding. Thank you!
  3. Site URL: http://salmonsamurai.com I've launched my food delivery site, and the concept is salmon poké bowls, which allows customers to modify their bowls according to their preference. The more items they add, the pricier it gets. Currently I can only add 2 options of toppings, when at the restaurant they're allowed to add extra protein, extra base, extra toppings etc. Is there a way of customizing a form instead that will change the price accordingly before they add to cart?
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