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  1. Oh wow! You just revealed the issue. Somebody put the code causing the problem in this very place you suggested it. I wonder if the site wasn't hacked as I certainly didn't add that code. Anyhow, thank you so much!
  2. Thank you so much for your reply! Sadly, I tired it and it doesn't work. The template prioritizes the initial setting of the css rather than my custom so it just cancels it out and resorts to putting all that space beneath the image. http://www.heliopr.com/client-press#/arthome-decor/
  3. Site URL: http://www.heliopr.com/client-press#/arthome-decor/ I'm having a problem with a client's site. For some reason, and seemingly out of nowhere (this wasn't a problem a few weeks ago) there is a strange bit of css that is making the thumbnails look crazy on several image galleries on the site. You can see how the captions are separated by an absurd and silly looking amount of padding on the bottom of all the images at the following page: http://www.heliopr.com/client-press#/arthome-decor/ When I add custom css to the site in an effort to negate the css that is causing the problem, seems to work, but only when I am logged in. Viewing the page on another browser that is not logged into Squarespace reveals that the custom css is ignored, and the problem persists. What is going on? Can anybody illuminate how to solve this issue? Many thanks in advance.
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