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  1. Hi @deaton72, I followed the instructions given by @paul2009 and realized I was targeting the wrong object. Check out his post.
  2. @paul2009 thank you for the tips!
  3. @tuanphan that worked for a single image, and i'm trying to address changes to a section of images. So your insight gave me an idea to use #page-section-idXXX" .. which seems to have done the trick. Is that an acceptable practice? TYIA!!
  4. I'm trying to target images inside an element with a YUI id for css manipulation, however the YUI id is changing when the page reloads. Repro steps: Inspect element find wrapper with YUI id Open custom css editor add "#yui ... id number" and styling code watch the styling apply correctly in real-time save changes reload page styles are no longer applied because after inspecting the same element, the YUI id has dynamically changed Is this expected behavior? If so, what is the change to my workflow that i need to consider? -lh
  5. Odd, i don't know what's going on. I have set the site to public twice now, and the password as 1234 .. @tuanphan what could cause it to keep reverting back? Also, my footer keeps reverting back to the previous day's designs .. frustrating. FYI, the link and password should work now. (crossing fingers)
  6. Oops, it defaulted back to private. Password works again @tuanphan
  7. https://tambourine-orca-xhby.squarespace.com/media-request-form pw: 1234
  8. Site URL: https://tambourine-orca-xhby.squarespace.com/news I am attempting to style my 7.1 blog summary using a masonry grid and inspired by the old Tudor template. While I've successfully laid out the elements pretty closely (and even accounted for the mobile nuances, the unfortunate side effect is that all the content blocks are overlapping each other when the page is loaded ... However, if i make any change to my browser window size, it will re-shuffle the content and render it correctly ... check out the page here ... https://tambourine-orca
  9. Duh! Thank you @ChrisBartow. I guess I'm so used to tweaking styles via css that I forgot all about Theme settings.
  10. I have found some great tutorials and answers in regards to styling the form button backgrounds/outlines/etc, however, i'm finding it difficult to use those same instructions to style the font-size of those same elements. Hoping that someone in the community here has a quick answer. Here is the code I have successfully implemented, but inserting "font-size: XXpt !important" does nothing in either one. .form-wrapper .field-list .field .field-element { border: 1px solid #0590CC !important; background: #f3f3f3 !important; font-family: 'Roboto' !important; font-weight: 100; font
  11. I have noticed that some black and white images that I'm using in my header section appear to have a color tint to them when I set the Image Settings > Background > Overlay Opacity to anything but 0. It made me wonder if the overlay element has a default color bias based on my global color settings? Either way, I'm curious if there is a way to target and change the styling of the section image overlay?
  12. Thanks @christyprice, this is pretty straight forward, however is there a way to tie this color styling to a particular theme? (in case a theme color and a heading color are the same)
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