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  1. Hi I am currently developing a site and through Custom Css we have applied a colour onto the rollover. We are having problems with the colour showing differently in different areas. For example, in the navigation on the home page the colour renders correctly when you rollover. When you go into a page, Shop, for example, the red is lighter when you rollover. Throughout the site where we have a hyperlink the red is lighter, it's as if it has an opacity to it. The css we are using is: a:not(.sqs-block-button-element) { color: #101820 !important; // standard link color &:hover { color: #9d2235 !important; // hover color } &:active { color: #c1c638 !important; // color link goes when clicked } } The three screen grabs show the darker colour on the nav which is correct and the lighter colour. The thrid shows the lighter rollover when used in a hyperlink. Can anyone help with this or suggest a better method? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Thanks for your reply. In the end we took them off the site and used indented blocks rather than full screen.
  3. Hi, Afraid I didn't manage to sort it. I have just had to live with it. It seams odd that just this element that can't behave properly when reducing to smaller devices. I made numerous contacts with the help team but I don't think they saw it as a problem, just the way the site behaves.
  4. Hi, I am building a site on 7.1 which has a portfolio area which holdis individual project case studies. Each project has a gallery slideshow (full width with bullet transitions). On desktop is works fine. On mobile the gallery has completely lost it's aspect ratio and is now portrait (extremely tall and thin) and therefore gives an awful crop. All other static images behave correctly. I have see other sites using the gallery and the aspect ratio is largely retained. If anyone has got a workaround or can help it would be appreciated?
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