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  1. Hey squarespace community, Im currently using the Bryant template, it only gives you solid color options for the navigation ( Header ) background. How can I make it a gradient color? fading from orange to pink?
  2. .header-announcement-bar-wrapper.shrink { background-image: linear-gradient(to right, #FF8700, #F7FF00); } This isn't the exact code I need, but just used this to sample. I was inputting various codes I found online in the custom css section, but I didn't see any changes.
  3. Hello squarespace community, Im working on a site for a client, Im fairly new with coding, but I know the basics. It seems that any code I put in, no changes are made in preview mode or when saved. Am I doing something wrong, is it not turned on?
  4. Hello, I need help with centering a logo. Im currently using the bryant template and logo falls on far left, what code can I use to shift my logo to be center of page?
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