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  1. Site URL: https://raspberry-krill-bzz4.squarespace.com/home Hello! Was given a very helpful answer for a question yesterday, now I have another! 😬 I am looking to make these banner(?) or background images below links to a blog page and categories if at all possible? I've tried a few different drag and drop options but can't quite get what I'm looking for. Pretty much as it is now, text adapting to mobile, would be ideal. I tried buttons, but then they were different sizes etc. Plus I liked the tidiness of its current look. Note: Password should be test123 (if it saved correctly).
  2. I'll give this a whirl, thank you! I have set the password to test123 if you would like to take a look. I'll try my hand with this and see how I get on. EDIT: It worked!! Thank you so much!!
  3. Site URL: https://raspberry-krill-bzz4.squarespace.com/blog-2/blog-post-title-one-jky84 Hello all, Looking for some help! I would like to remove the main title from my blog pages as the vehicle information will be below the image slideshow (I would like to keep the title it in the collections page), hide the tags, and remove the previous/next post links if possible? Link: https://raspberry-krill-bzz4.squarespace.com/blog-2/blog-post-title-one-jky84 Thanks in advance for any assitance!
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