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  1. Site URL: http://www.northvalleyagme.com Is there a css code for a slideshow gallery to not retain its layout and does not create that space above and below the slideshow area on mobile, as shown in the screenshot ....
  2. Site URL: https://kumquat-heron-mxwk.squarespace.com/ Hello, I would like to know how to get my two lines of header menu to appear centered and on one line below a centered logo The css for underlining the hovered over dropdown menu text and underlined while active thank you
  3. 3. You want to center logo - menu? Yes 🙂 One more question though is the active navigation wjen clicked on has been applied (thank you :)) but when I just hover over the drop down menu items it doesn't turn to the color I'd like, only when its clicked on would you know the css in that case? Many thanks Sandy
  4. Site URL: https://kumquat-heron-mxwk.squarespace.com/config/ Hi there, I would like to know a few things about the headers on 7.1 and its css codes 1. How do I assign an alternate color to the drop down menu only (ie: keeping the bacground white on the header, but a different color on the menu only) 2. Where is it that I can assign a different color to Navigation links that are active in the header menu? I can't seem to find it 3. When choosing to center the site logo with the menu (under Header options), the menu continues on a second row. Is there a way to assign code
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