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  1. OK, I just upgraded to a business plan. What's the code I need to add and where? Thank you for your help!!
  2. Yes, all text/image links. I'm using a personal plan as of now.
  3. Site URL: https://sisterswhohustle.co/ I'm trying to figure out how to make text links and image links open in a new window on DESKTOP ONLY. But I'd like these same text links and image links to open in the same window on mobile. I'm using the SKYE template. Is this possible? Reason being, all my external links go to Amazon to push affiliate sales. If I have "open in a new window" turned on, the links won't automatically open in the Amazon app on mobile and I need them to. But when I uncheck "open in a new window", they DO open in the Amazon shopping app automatically on mobi
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