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  1. Tuan to the rescue. Thank you my friend. As always you saved the day :-). _/|\_
  2. Team... I know the subject has been beaten to death and I've read all the posts about how to do this however I still cannot figure out how to add a different image to the background of my mobile website landing screen. I just need the image at the top in the first section...with the coffee beans to be replaced by an image that will take up the entire viewport vertically when it cuts over to mobile My page is in development now and has not been published. What the best way to share with you so you may assist? Ive attached a photos with the sections names from a chrome extension
  3. Hello Team... This is out of a pre-sales question. I have a client that's interested in the SS platform but has a few requirements. They are interested in selling some online courses through their site. They will be uploading videos and want to know if there are means to do any of the following a. password protect the videos b. create access to the videos that expires after 1 month c. keeps viewers from downloading their videos Please feel free to offer recommendations or possible solutions where you may have encountered this situation before. Respectfully David
  4. Site URL: http://legnostudio.com Hi Team... I built a catalog and am using summary blocks to display the contents. The issue i have is that once a viewer clicks an item in the summary block it goes into the product listing and at the top of the page gives a link that takes viewers back to the catalog and not back to the page with the summary block. Is there a way to change it so it goes back to the previous page and not into the catalogue? We're using the catalogue as a repository for products and nothing more. Don't really want the viewer perusing the catalog itself
  5. Site URL: https://www.madera-trade.com/stockholm Team... I'm kinda stuck with my project now. The client requested a change of direction after adding a large number of products to a product catalog. He wants the site to flow like this instead. Clearly this layout isn't pulling anything from a product catalog How can I achieve this layout and click-flow? https://www.madera-trade.com/stockholm As I mentioned I loaded approximately 180 single images into a product catalog thinking the ,ultiple images would end up giving me more flexibility in layout. but he really likes how the end result is a page with multiple large images that appear like this https://www.madera-trade.com/sand Can you please advise on the steps I need to create this and what type of "not linked" page I need to create to lead the images in the most efficient manner.
  6. I think you're right. I discovered this last night when I did the same thing. Thanks Tuanphan...you're always a big help 🙂
  7. can anyone else assist with this please. There's clearly something overlaying the logo on the site on both ends of the logo. I see it and my client sees it
  8. I wish I was seeing the same thing. Unfortunately in both chrome and Firefox I'm getting that weird overlay
  9. Site URL: https://anitaksolutions.com Hi team.... Wrapping up some final aspects of the clients site. Wondering how to remove what looks like an overlay on the edges of the logo. I can't find it anywhere See attached
  10. Thats yes. basically just want it to reach all the way over to the left so it looks like its falling off the page
  11. Hi Tuanphan... Thank you for the kind follow up. I tried to locate the Block and came up with this but its still not working. div#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1588348969991_11263.col.sqs-block.image-block.sqs-block-image.sqs-text-ready { margin-left: -3vw !important; } I'm trying to move the image with the red short of to the edge of the page so that it looks like it's coming in from the size. basically set a negative 3vw margin to the left of it
  12. Site URL: https://anitaksolutions.com Site URL: http://anitaksolutions.com Hi everyone. I've had such wonderful help from the members of this forum before. I hope perhaps someone can help me understand what I'm doing wrong here. I have a column in a row that I'm trying to a negative margin for. I've added the following to the custom CSS section but the changes don't seem to be taking effect.i've attached images of the element name and the css console. /*SETS MARGIN ON LEFT COLUMN*/ div#yui_3_17_2_1_1588485567504_148.col.sqs-col-5.span-5 { margin-left: -3vw !important; } Do I have a syntax error or something. I do this kind of stuff with another CMS platform all day and I've never had issues with CSS taking effect. I've only run into issues when trying to do things with Squarespace. I'm just wondering how I'm missing something so frequently Thanks for your help in understanding this David
  13. Tuan... This worked really well thanks for your help on the topic. For Q2 the client decided to change it so I removed the Spotify player. I'll eventually add it again but for not theres no need. Thank you again 🙂
  14. Site URL: http://anitaksolutions.com Hi team... I'm trying to make some simple adjustments for a client but I'm kinda stuck. The first one I'm trying to do is to make all three buttons the same size on the client's front page. When I look up the CSS Element all I see is a class that if modified changes the settings for the other two buttons and not just the middle button that. want to size to match the others. Am I missing something or is this just not possible? http://anitaksolutions.com Second...I have the proper selector and code to change the background color of the Spotify player. When I change it in the the browser css console I can see the change happen. When I copy it to the Custom CSS area on the website the CSS never takes effect and I can't even see that it's been added when I inspect the element. /*SETS BG COLOR OF SPOTIFY PLAYER*/ .css-1g2au9z { background-color: #44cce4 !important; } .css-xo2a70 { background-color: #44cce4 !important; } http://anitaksolutions.com/audio Any ideas on what I can do with these to make it work? Thanks in advance :-)
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