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  1. Thank you, I am assuming with the Markdown Block you need coding involved to accomplish what I am seeking for? It would be nice to have a non-code template block for this feature. Any further advice would be appreciated. Best regards,
  2. Thanks for the reply. I attempted the poster trick and I could see how it could work, however there is no way I can get the text to show underneath as shown above, even if I create a separate text block. Moreover the images have to be the same dimensions before upload. A PITA. There has to be a more seamless and logical way to do this. . .
  3. I'm trying to add smaller Adobe Stock style icon images to a block so I can I can add wording underneath. However when I try to resize the images (icons) that are side-by-side it basically scales the next image right beside it to a larger size like they're linked, how can I size these icons exactly how I want without it linked to the next image beside it? I've attached a example of exactly how I would like to block to look. Thanks
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