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  1. Is there a way to do it without using code injection? I'm running on "personal" version of squarespace, and to use code injection I would need "business" Thanks, Pietro
  2. Thanks a lot for your advice, I could achieve exactly what I was looking for. Great! There is just one article as for now, but it gives you the idea of how I structured my page https://www.glintcompany.com/news I have another issue, maybe you can help me out also with that: to show the image in the summary page, I had to add a thumbnail to the article. However, in the article page the thumbnail shows as a top banner, while I would remove it. How can I hide the banner from the article page? https://www.glintcompany.com/blog/reinventare-il-modello-direct-to-consumer
  3. Site URL: https://www.glintcompany.com/news Hello, I'm trying to create a blog page, but I don't like the layout of the page. There is too much white space at the top of the page, and moreover all the articles is visible. I'd like to have clickable posts, with an image and just a preview of the text of the article. By clicking on the post, it opens the page with the full article. The layout is similar to the one proposed by this plug-in (see also attached): https://squarestud.io/collections/plugins/blog Does anyone know how to proceed to get the desired outcome? Is it fe
  4. Site URL: https://www.glintcompany.com/technology Hello, I'd like to resize images I have in one my sections, but only in the mobile version. From desktop everything is fine, but as you can see from the attachement on mobile they are too big. Does anyone know how I can resize them and make them smaller? Thanks,
  5. Super, thanks a lot! This is amazing, working perfectly! Pietro
  6. One last question: would it be possible to do the same thing also for the desktop banners, but manage the desktop banner height separately from the mobile banner height? I would need the same thing also for dekstop: to be able to adjust the banner height and have the text centered in the image. Thanks,
  7. Amazing, it works perfectly now! Thanks a lot, super helpful!
  8. Thanks a lot, it works exactly as expected! Another question: right now the text is not exactly vertically centered in the cropped image on mobile, how can I make it vertically centered? See attached to see what I mean. Thanks,
  9. Sure thing, here it is: Glint0424+ Let me know if you can help me with that, thanks,
  10. Site URL: https://www.glintcompany.com/ Hello, I'd like to slightly reduce the height of just my mobile banners. How can I do it? On the other hand, the height of the desktop banners is already fine. Thanks,
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