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  1. Site URL: http://xxnaomi.com Hi everyone - I'm on 7.1 and on the Brower template and I'd like to change the base structure of new pages to have a newsletter box at the bottom of every blog post. I haven't yet seen how to do this - it looks like each page is a fresh item. Is there a way to: Adjust the basic page template (I realize I could just create a template page and duplicate it, maybe), and Have a global block? Change the newsletter block in one place, and have it auto-populate? Thanks for any and all answers!
  2. Site URL: http://xxnaomi.com I'm hoping that someone can help me with an issue I haven't gotten a definitive answer on. I started my 7.1 site with Brower, and have been blogging on that for a while. I want to switch to Paloma, but since it's 7.1, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to do that. I've been looking around and it what people are saying is that you can't switch in 7.1. Like, not at all. "But you don't have to, because you can just edit the design!" So... what does this mean, practically? If I want my site to look like Paloma, do I have to reverse engine
  3. Thank you @tuanphan - one of the challenges I have right now is that some of these 7.1 template are so different from each other that if I'm not happy with the one I've been working with so far, I would have to change *everything* about the theme manually to make it look like one of the other template. So if I'm thinking, "Wow, I wish I selected Rivoli instead of Harman", do I need to reverse engineer every element of the template to make it look like the other one? Am I way off on this? Am I wrong about something? I'm new, so I could be totally dumb about this (and would love to fi
  4. Site URL: http://xxnaomi.com When I'm creating a post and I want to add a thumbnail, I have the option to upload an image from the Options screen. Is there a way to just use the image I already have inside the post, or do I have to do a duplicate upload? Thanks!
  5. Hi there - I'm setting up a new site and I chose a template to play around with, and then decided that I wanted to switch to a different one (Harman). It doesn't seem like there's a way to do this. Squarespace help says "you don't need to change anything, you can just customize." But the Harman template is completely different than the one I started with. Which looks like it means I'd have to change EVERYTHING to make it match Harman (and guess at what to change along the way). Am I missing something? Thanks!
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